Monday, March 03, 2014


There's been a lot of talk about yogurt lately. How it's good for a woman's digestion and general well-being. How does it know it's been eaten by a woman?

And it's really good for the upstate NY economy. So, rather than help my neighbors, I decided to start making my own. Oh, I buy one cup, now and then, if I forget to make a new batch before the last is all gone. But mostly I keep up. It's so easy.

Start with organic milk. Rinse your pot with cold water to help with cleanup of scorched milk. Measure enough for your container. I use a clean peanut butter jar. Pour milk into a pot and, on medium heat, slowly warm until it's steaming and just forms a skin.

While that's going on, it should just be a few minutes, think about how you're gong to keep the milk warm for a few hours, about 100 degrees. There are lots of options. I warm the oven for a couple of minutes, then leave the light on. It does a great job.

Transfer pot to cold water bath for just a couple of minutes, until the bottom of the pot cools. Put some live yogurt into the container with a pit of warm milk. Not too hot, or you'll kill the bacteria. Stir to mix, add the rest of the milk, secure a top and place in your warm place for at least a few hours.

If I make it in the morning, it's ready by dinner time. If I start it at night, it's good in the morning.

It'll look a bit runny until you refrigerate for a few hours. The first batch from store-bought is usually just runny. You can strain to thicken.

Now I hear that's it's even easier to make paneer. I'm looking forward to it.

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