Sunday, January 26, 2014


Very simple Sunday morning soda biscuits from January 26. It's all about folding quickly.

Here's the method, the secret to light, flaky biscuits.

James Beard's buttermilk biscuits. I tried and tried to get them to rise. usually one would look good and taste great. The others, not so much. The results were not good enough. Sunday morning wasn't ruined, you understand, we still have the Times. But, you know, really? I can't make a good biscuit?

Then, reading about making croissants. I found out about the creation of flaky layers. Folding and rolling. I wasn't after that kind of flake, so it sounded like I could apply the theory without taking all day.

Yeah, just three turns of folding and patting did the trick. These look pretty good, no? They were great. And now, the crossword puzzle.

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